Chakat Yellowrose
1489113235.chakatblackspots 20170309 - silverstone and yellowrose

Silverstone (left) and Yellowstone (right)

Vital statistics
Species: Chakat
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Height: 5' 4" (1.626 meters)
Mass: 480 pounds (217.72kg)
Born: November 12, 2279
Died: (currently alive)
Parents: N/A (mother)
N/A (sire)
Mates: Silverstone
Children: Blackspots
Career Info
Status: Drafting and Engineering


Hir coloration is that of a mountain lion, golden in color, with yellow eyes and black hair. Hir bust size is a E cup, and hir talent is E3, and a weak T1. Shi is 1/8 wolftaur, which shows up as hir very fluffy tail.


Yellowrose was born November 2279 in the former state of Texas of the Holy Christian Kingdom of North America (HCKNA) and generally hir family would move around to different places, living in what was the old state of the California Republic for a while, but in 2298 shi moved to the old state of Arizona and by chance met Silverstone. Silverstone and Yellowrose have been life-mates since December 2300.

They both moved to Chakona in 2301 to escape the rising anti-fur tensions and the Humans First terrorist attacks on Earth against morphs and Chakat's. When they became citizens of Chakona in 2302, they lived in Amistad on the Flinders Continent, later moving to Port Kepler on the Galilei continent approximately 15 years later. They had two cubs, first one born on January 2302 (first one will currently remain unnamed), and in September 2304 they had Blackspots, sired by Silverstone.

Yellowrose's career involves drafting and engineering for building developers on the Galilei continent.


Hir hometown on Chakona is Port Kepler, Galilei Continent.


Hir immediate family is hir lifemate Silverstone, their children Blackspots and one unnamed child.

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