Updated: 18:53, September 14, 2012 (UTC)

The story is going fairly well.

Okay, I haven't really started writing it yet... but I have been drafting up the sequence of events for the first few chapters, and I'm nearly done with that step — full writing should begin pretty soon.  *yay!*

I've been spending most of the past few weeks fleshing out important characters, and creating details for the various unique new alien races I'm creating.  My info/reference sheet for the Ethula reads like a wiki article, and is currently 7 pages long (at 10-point Verdana font)... so I'll talk a little bit about them, and try not to leak any spoilers...

The Ethula (that's the singular and plural name for their race, as well as their demonym: you'd refer to them as "the Ethula species" and say "a lone Ethula" and "a group of Ethula") will be one of the first alien civilizations the F.S.S. Legacy makes First Contact with... and to avoid spoilers and tease you a bit, I'll simply say this: they're not the typical chakat-universe alien (furry terrestrial-analogue) — Ethula are refreshingly alien by current Federation standards, and they're actually one of the least-alien races the series will introduce.  There are far more strange and exotic forms of life out there in the galaxy, and part of my goal for creating this series is to balance out Bernard Doove's apparent bias toward aliens that look like furry earth animals (Caitians = lions, Rakshani = tigers, Voxxans = foxes, Faleshkarti = fennec foxes, etc.).

There's also a heavy bias toward humanoid or taur races, which have so far only been busted by the Stariionae.  Although a large number of my new aliens are also humanoid (the Ethula, Serothii, and Vanthynril prominently), some major races will also bust that trend, most notably with the Raahssa, and also with the Da'kaj and the Harvesters.  Most of these races have some variation of bizarre alien biology going on... in some really weird ways.

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