My new job has severely cut the time I can spend working on the Voyage of Discovery project, but I wanted to assure everyone following it that I am still interested in it.

Last night, I worked on detailing another alien race: the Arsyrn (pronounced "arr-seer-in").  They're bipeds, but not humanoid: they're theropods (like the famous predatory dinosaurs), and are one of the smallest sentient races the Federation has ever encountered (merely hip-high next to humans).  They also happen to look excessively cute, by human and Terran-morph standards, which leads to some story complications (some of them like this, some dislike it, and others take advantage of it for personal gain).  They will also be universally Talented (similar to how all chakats are empathic): Arsyrn are strongly empathic and decently telepathic... which leads to some initial language barriers when first encountered.

Their anatomy is roughly mammalian, except for the lack of mammary glands.  The fine details reveal more differences in their evolutionary path, which I'll save for the story to reveal.  This is another alien species.  I will admit that the Arsyrn species was heavily inspired (in physical appearance), by this picture.

I'm still developing the social side of the species, and I don't want to give away too many spoilers... but I'll say that their first exposure to the idea of marriage (or equivalent mating) and family, as Terrans understand these things, occurs aboard the F.S.S. Legacy.

I haven't set in stone where they will appear yet, or how they can contribute to the journey... but they should fill a role similar to that of the Faleshkarti: probably engineering and technical positions.

Oh, and that Ethula handbook I was working on?  It's nine pages long now.

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