The planetary flag of the United Nations of Terra World Government. The new world government quite deliberately chose a variation on the flag of the former United Nations as a homage to the ideals of peace and unity, and added the stars to symbolize achievement. Credit: Rhiannon Tamerlane (GingerM on FurAffinity)

Earth's government is formally titled United Nations of Terra World Government (UNTWG). Unlike the pre-Gene Wars United Nations, the UNTWG is the planetary government of earth, not a gathering of sovereign nations. Its capital is Auckland, New Zealand.

Some pre-Gene Wars nations are still in existence, little changed; others have changed greatly or disappeared entirely into successor states. Although they call themselves nations, they are effectively subordinated to the authority of the planetary government. At the present, the major divisions on Earth are as follows:

  • Greater North America (GNA) - this incorporates most of what used to be the United States of America, all of Canada except for Quebec, and Mexico.
  • Holy Christian Kingdom of North America (HCKNA) - made up largely of those US states that in a previous era formed the Confederacy during the American Civil War.
  • Quebec
  • Caribbean Confederate States - comprises the various Caribbean nations as well as Columbia, Costa Rica, etc.
  • Amazonia - essentially all the territory surrounding the Amazon and into the Amazon Basin.
  • South American Union - the remainder of South America
  • United Europe - the successor state to the European Union and comprises generally from the Ukraine, Belarus, etc. west and the Mediterranean north.
  • Russian Alliance - very much the same as the Russian Federation in the early 21st century but missing Siberia.
  • China - includes the territory of the PRC as well as Mongolia and Siberia.
  • Nippon-hoku - includes Japan and formerly Russian territories around the Sea of Okhotsk.
  • Kingdom of Sahara - consists of what was formerly Algeria, Niger, Nigeria and Chad.
  • African Republic - consists of the southern part of Africa, up to what was the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Pakistan - also includes the former Afghanistan.
  • India - now includes Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar
  • Malaysian Federated States - Indonesia and the Philippines
  • Australia - now includes Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Malaysia.
  • New Zealand - unchanged
  • The remainder of Africa is a Federation Administrative Zone
  • The bulk of the Middle East, from Turkey across to Tajikistan, is a quarantined wasteland.