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The Colony is an alternate chakat-themed setting, created by V. Ducain, and independent from the primary Chakat Universe.

It can be considered a "realism setting", because it features characters familiar with current real-world technology and events... and some of the characters are familiar with Bernard Doove's stories, and related stories from the internet.

Story premise Edit

The story begins with some 522 unsuspecting people boarding a modified Boeing 747-400, to return to America from some hostile unnamed South American country.  In the middle of their flight, a sleeping gas puts them all out.

When they awake, they have all been transformed into chakats and left on an alien planet, without any technology at all, and only their wits and the advantages of their new (and rejuvenated) bodies to survive.  What follows is their efforts to retain their technical know-how, survive the challenges of their new home, and adapt to the unfamiliarity of their chakat bodies.

Original Colonists Edit



  • Black Tail  (Brandy Wilson, age 13, orphaned)
  • Buffy  (Buffy Corbin, age 14, orphaned)
  • Darrin  (Darrin Renshaw, infant)
  • Jay  (Jay Corbin, age 4, orphaned)
  • Loopy
  • Melissa  (Melissa Wilson, age 6, orphaned)
  • Randal  (Randal Corbin, age 17, orphaned)
  • Smoke  (Brian, age ~13)
  • Terry
  • Valerie  (Valerie Avagondin, age 16, orphaned)
  • Whisp  (Michelle)

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