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The Admiral and the Chakat is a short series that chronicles an affair chakat Forestwalker with Admiral Boyce Kline, written collaboratively between Bernard Doove and Boyce Kline.

The original stories were not written as such; they began as private email interactions between Goldfur, A.K.A. Bernard Doove's characters and Boyce Kline's. However, it was felt that they would also make interesting stories, so Bernard wrote them up properly. These started mostly as erotica pieces, but they also gave intriguing tidbits of information about Chakat customs and pleasures. Gradually the storyline converged with the main Forest Tales storyline, occasionally making reference to events happening, or had happened, in those episodes. The story-lines merged completely at A&C#6 and continue on into FT#12.

This series eventually ended in A&C 8, and merging with the Forest Tales in FT #12.

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