Task Force Sceptre consisted of seven Starfleet spaceships:

The task force's mission was to sweep the area of space where the Stariionae had been raiding, while broadcasting Star Dancer's "voice" (warp signature) in the hopes of luring the aliens to the fleet, where it was hoped they might attempt to communicate, using a Swiftsure Universal Translator aboard the Asimov.

The Stariionae interpreted the presence of Star's voice to mean she was being held captive... and after they drew careful plans, ambushed the fleet in an attempt to rescue her.

Destruction of the Task ForceEdit

The majority of the fleet was destroyed by the Stariionae in the Battle of Task Force Sceptre.

F.S.S. Lijang and F.S.S. Mactan were crippled and suffered heavy casualties.
F.S.S. Biscay and F.S.S. Hawke were completely destroyed; all hands lost.
F.S.S. Isaac Asimov was disabled, then torn to ribbons and her entire crew executed.
F.S.S. Cumberland was the only vessel to escape intact, though she took heavy internal damage.

Five Stariionae were killed in the battle: Hesai, Kronn, Shenna, Kagan, and one unnamed individual killed by the Asimov's weapons.