Flag CU Federation(2)

The flag of the Stellar Federation. Each star represents one of the member worlds; the shield represents protection. The proportions are 5:2; it is flown with the shield in the hoist. Credit: Rhiannon Tamerlane (GingerM on Furaffinity)

The Stellar Federation is the interstellar political alliance and the primary setting for most characters and stories in the Chakat Universe.

Founding species include the Terrans, Caitians, Rakshani, and Voxxans.  These four civilizations manage their original territories, and work together on shared projects throughout the Federation.

The largest and closest neighboring power is the League of Non-Aligned Worlds (LNAW), with which the Federation maintains a peaceful, albeit tense and unfriendly, relationship.

A rising competitive power in the region is the Faleshkarti, but at least they have become more cooperative, after a rough start.  It is possible the Faleshkarti may become members of the Federation at some point, if their population problem is arrested.


Slavery is forbidden by the Charter.

Central CommandEdit

Star Fleet's headquarters are located in a massive warp-capable space station, usually orbiting Terra.  It can relocated to other systems if necessary.


The Federation currently (as of the 2330s) consists of approximately 200 planets, spread across a sphere roughly 150 light-years across.  The organization is currently in a prolonged colonization stage, and alien races are few & far between, so most of the planets involved are in the early stages of colonization.

Core worlds (homeworlds of member-races):

Well-developed colony worlds:

Frontier colony worlds:


The Federation maintains a fleet of interstellar vessels for exploration, defense, and humanitarian missions.

See Starships for a list of Federation vessels, grouped by type and class.
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