Goldfur Family

Garrek, Goldfur, and Malena; an example of a triad

Relationships in the chakat universe come in number of varieties, due to the various cultures and species present.

Typically, these relationships are not monogamous in nature, or at least there is no restriction against having more than one partner. Triad is a term used to describe a relationship between three partners.



Chakats typically use a system of relationships that can be divided into companions, denmates, and lifemates. Although originally used by Chakats, the system of relationships is proving popular with all members of the Stellar Federation.

Companionships are best described as strong interpersonal relationships, ranging from good friends to lovers. Companionships are rarely declared, and are very fluid.

Denmates are formal relationships, similar in many ways to a human style marriage. A denmate is considered to be part of a family in a way that companions are typically not, and they share the burden and responsibilities that go along with it. Child bearing and child rearing is one of the important features of denmating, although not a required one. Unlike Companions, denmatings are not so easily dissolved if the relationship is unsatisfactory, especially if there is young children involved.

Lifemates are formal relationships like denmates, but unlike denmates, a lifemate relationship cannot be dissolved. Lifemating is only undertaken when the people in the relationship feel especially bonded and compatable with one another, and cannot be done without first having a full year of denmateship.


The Rrurwanz relationship is one typically between caitians. It consists of one male, and one to six females. Females in the relationship are given titles based on their chronological order of joining the Rrurwanz, in the form of Firstwife and Secondwife.

Although the male choses his Firstwife, all other wives are selected with input from the Firstwife, to the extend that she will seek out other wives.

All wives in a Rrurwanz are selected in accordance with one of six aspects; Intelligence, Strength, Love, Fertility, Courage, and Wisdom, with the aspect of Intelligence always being the Firstwife.