The Phoenix is the titular vessel in The Flight of the Phoenix series, written by Bernard Doove.

She is a privately-owned refitted vessel, formerly a Star Corps vessel, a deep-space exploration type designed for supply of materials and personnel.  She now operates as an independent civilian trader/transport, and is well fitted for this task.  She has a holosuite, and even sports a tractor-beam.


A chakat family:

A family of Amur Tiger morphs from Arkhangelsk:

A Caitian family:

A pair of foxtaurs:

  • Ceres, a Starwalker Stellar Foxtaur, filling the role of astrogator and E.V.A. expert
  • and hir mate, Danson, a regular black foxtaur, working in hydroponics

A pair of Faleshkarti representatives, both 12 years old when they joined:

  • Loander, a comptech
  • and Presaith, a starship systems engineer, hired as Engineer 2nd

Other crewpersons include:

  • Chief Pilot Heywood Baxter (a human) and his mate, Menalippe Baxter (a ferret morph and former slave/companion) from the LNAW planet Celeste, both killed during the Hesperia incident (see chapter 6)
  • Risha de Mar, a four-armed cougar morph, as ship's quartermaster and handyman (no pun intended)
  • Penelope Windsor (a.k.a. "Penny Lane"), a mouse morph stowaway, and ship's Entertainment and Morale Officer
  • Shintaro, a herm kitsune (two-tailed fox morph) samurai, serving as Security 2nd (joined in chapter 5)
  • Madeline Cottenfield, a quadriplegic rabbit morph, who uses a brain-computer interface to tie into the ship's computers and holosuite (joined at the beginning of chapter 6, before the Hesperia disaster)
  • Master Pilot Bruce 'Roo' Hopper, a kangaroo morph (replacing Heywood Baxter)
  • Darkwave Quanda, a skunktaur and Zelkie's brother (parents inverted), who replaces Menalippe