Vital statistics
Species: Foxtaur
Gender: Female
Height: 157 cm
Mass: {{{mass}}}
Born: June 15th, 2311
Died: September 29th, 2399
Parents: Kallista
Siblings: n/a
Mates: Karl Jürgens
Children: Jakkar, Sylvia, Xander, Kalika, and Varen.
Career Info
Organization: n/a
Rank: n/a
Post: n/a
Status: n/a

Pandora is a red foxtaur vixen who is the main star of the Tales of the Foxtaur Clans mini-series "Life's Dream" (ToFC 6-14).

After nearly getting herself killed, she was rescued by her future mate Karl Jürgens, and eventually the two of them settle down and become lifemates, spending a long and mostly happy life together before dying at the age of 95.