Vital statistics
Species: Foxtaur
Gender: Female
Height: 170 cm
Mass: {{{mass}}}
Born: 18 September, 2310
Died: n/a
Parents: Jaleth
Siblings: Garrek, Miktar, Neesha
Mates: Denmates: Goldfur, Garrek
Children: Blaze, Jallor, Mallek, and Rikkal
Career Info
Organization: Mountain Glade Clan
Rank: n/a
Post: n/a
Status: n/a

Malena is a female foxtaur from the Mountain Glade clan. She primarily appears in the Forest Tales, as well as appearing in some of the earlier Tales of the Foxtaur Clans as a side character.

Recently, Malena has decided to look into changing her sex from female to hermaphrodite.


Originally appearing as a much more excitable foxtaur in contrast to her shy brother Garrek, she quickly connected to Garrek's mate, Goldfur, eventually causing the young vixen to ask Goldfur to be her mate. Goldfur agreed, and eventually sired a child; Blaze.

Although she was Garrek's co-mate, during Garrek's Obligation, she asked him to become mates with her fully, which he eventually accepted. However, Malena desired to have a child by Garrek, who refused. Eventually she conceived a plan involving the use of her heat pheromones, to persuade him to agree.

This plan did not work out well. Rather then convincing him, it caused Garrek to lose his mind and self control, going feral and causing a brutal mating between the two. Perhaps not surprisingly, this resulted in a rift between her and her mate, as well as between her and her family, resulting in her being kicked out of her den, and eventually forcing her to go to Australia to live with Goldfur's family.

This violent mating did, however, get her pregnant, resulting in the birth of triplet todds Jallor, Mallek, and Rikkal.

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