The League of Non-Aligned Worlds (LNAW) is a loose political association — organized as a confederacy — of a handful of old Earth colonies, founded soon after the Gene Wars.

They are infamous throughout known space for their policies regarding morphs.  On LNAW planets, humans are masters and morphs are still legally slaves... despite slavery being forbidden by the Stellar Federation charter.  LNAW members are not part of the Federation, and are actively subjected to extensive trade sanctions and isolation from Federation worlds.

The region is a haven for piracy, and ships from all parties are victimized by the rogues.  When captured, morph and alien crewpersons are usually taken to be sold as slaves on LNAW planets.

The LNAW has minimal contact with alien races, usually only as part of the crews of pirates who use the LNAW as safe ports, and independent traders who risk the dangerous routes.

The LNAW lags considerably behind the Federation in several technological fields, notably in their complete lack of transporters, and the poor state of most of their starships (which are mostly just personnel and cargo transports).  However, they are considerably more advanced in their genetic engineering and cybernetics fields, using these expertise regularly to improve and maintain their slave populations.

Morph slaves from the LNAW are generally possessed of minimal intelligence and heavy slave conditioning, meaning they can rarely function at an independent level, let alone a level equal to that of morphs in the Federation.  Most are used for either manual labor, menial tasks, housekeeping (maids, butlers, cooks, etc.), or commonly as sex-slaves.  Since slavery is illegal in the Federation, whenever a slaver transport breaks down and the crew/cargo is rescued, they are placed under Federation jurisdiction and technically "freed"... but most of the sex-slaves will eventually find their way into brothels on Federation worlds, simply because they lack the skills to do anything else.  There are occasional notable exceptions, sunce as Leanna Fennec, though these are quite rare, and usually unique individuals who were created for specific purposes.


The way morphs are treated varies widely among LNAW member worlds.  Some are more equal than others, but all regard morphs as sub-human property.