Grill prank
Vital statistics
Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Height: 170
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Born: 13 November 2332
Died: n/a
Parents: Blacktail
Siblings: Coalspot Coldeyes Colorpot
Mates: Midsun
Children: Tribalmoon
Career Info
Organization: Chakker League
Rank: Top Player
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Status: Mated

Grill is the child of Blacktail and Gildedtongue.

In hir youth years shi developed a streak of playing pranks, which always got out of control.

Shi is a E3 (E5 with Midsun), T2 (T4 with Midsun), and a K2 limited to Chakker balls.

Hir favorite sport is Chakker and shi pursues this later in hir life as a career.

In hir teenage years, while training with hir friend Midsun, they bonded mentally, and soon after declared themselves mates.

Shi was kidnapped, but because of hir prankster thinking shi got in contact with hir mate Midsun, which lead Blacktail and Gildedtongue to the kidnappers.

Shi is currently with hir mate Midsun, and the top player for the Chakker League.

Shi and Midsun will have a cub named Tribalmoon.