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Goldfur bust-small
Vital statistics
Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Height: 173 cm
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Born: 26 September 2300
Died: n/a
Parents: Longstripe (mother)
Desertsand (sire)
Siblings: Forestwalker, Quickpaw, Leafchaser
Mates: Garrek, Malena and Lupu
Children: Eudora Whitepaw, Tailstalker, Blaze, Stonefur, Greypaw
Career Info
Organization: Star Corps
Rank: Lead Electronics Technician
Post: varies
Status: active duty

Goldfur Daughter of Longstripe & Desertsand. Shi is the oldest sibling, the other siblings are Forestwalker, Quickpaw, Leafchaser and Tigerlily (canon?).

Hir colouration closely resembles that of a cougar with its golden-brown fur and patterning, plus shi has waist-long, blonde hair which shi often wears in a ponytail. Eyes are green.

Growing up in a near-ideal conditions, shi excelled at school in the sciences, going on to university to study electronics. At home, shi tinkered with gadgets in the workshop whenever shi had spare time. This wasn't too often because Forestwalker frequently dragged hir away to go bushwalking with hir. The sisters grew up doing almost everything together, and when they sexually matured, neither could think of a better partner with whom to share their first sexual experience. This closeness remains to the present, and they still like to occasionally make love.

After graduating from university, shi was offered a position in Star Fleet, but declined it because shi was uncomfortable with the military aspect of the Service. Instead shi applied to the Star Corps where shi could indulge hir desire to see other worlds. Shi has a full-time position as an electronics expert and is a Lead Technician on any ship to which shi is assigned.

Shi has two foxtaur lifemates, the first a male named Garrek whom shi met on one of hir assignments, and his sister, Malena, whom shi met later when Garrek took hir to his home village in California. Shi has become the parent of three cubs to them so far, mother to two (Eudora Whitepaw & Tailstalker) and sire to the other (Blaze). Shi also later become denmate to a wolftaur bitch named Lupu who bore hir twins (Stonefur & Greypaw).

Goldfur had a very happy and stable life until the day when hir firstborn, Eudora, was kidnapped by Ketta, a foxtaur vixen who was disgusted with the crossbreeding of a chakat with a foxtaur and threatened to kill the cub. Then later a Humans First riot resulted in the death of Greypaw. Now shi is a lot more suspicious of strangers and a little paranoid about the safety of cubs.

Shi can be a little bit short tempered when under stress, but aside from that, when you gain hir sympathy, shi's extraordinarily generous with hir time and energy.

Story AppearancesEdit

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