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Vital statistics
Species: Chakat, formally human (transformed on 24 April 2331)
Gender: Herm
Height: 173 cm (5'7")
Mass: {{{mass}}}
Born: ?
Died: n/a
Parents: Rose Perkins (mother)
Edward Perkins (father)
Siblings: none
Mates: Lupu, Avi, and Swiftwalk
Children: Nightsong (with Lupu), and Twilight (with Swiftwalk)
Career Info
Organization: Star Corps
Rank: Planetary Scout
Post: Sylvania
Status: On Mission

Born Dale Perkins, Goldendale was a planetary scout with Star Corps until returning the Earth on 24 April, 2331.  A Humans First attack sabotaged the transporter he was using in mid-transport, causing the computers to lose his physical body's pattern, but not his mind.

Thinking quickly, Goldfur (who had beamed down just prior to the accident) managed to jury-rig the transporter to create copy of the last body stored in the buffer (hir own), and imprinted Dale's intact mind into that body. Luckily for Dale, he had beamed down with a lot of luggage, which made up for the difference in mass between a human and a chakat. The result created a person who is an exact physical clone of Goldfur, but who had Dale's mind and memories.

Dale went home with Goldfur and Forestwalker to live with them for a while. After a difficult period of adjustment and some physical therapy, Dale was able to come to terms with the accident and accept his - or rather, hir - new life as a chakat. Shi eventually took a chakat-style name: Goldendale (and still uses "Dale" as a nickname).

During the course of Dale's recovery, he accidentally forms an empathic bond with a wolftaur named Lupu (at the time Goldfur's denmate), and their relationship grows until they fall in love and become denmates. They soon have a cub: Nightsong, born on 29 March 2332.

While traveling with Lupu's wolftaur tribe in California during the fall of 2331, Dale is courted by Avi, and eventually accepts the male wolftaur as a second mate.

More recently, shi returned to service as a planetary scout with the Star Corps in early 2332. While on mission at Sylvania, shi developed a strong intimate relationship with a co-scout: the teleporting chakat Swiftwalk, whom shi continues to work closely with as a planetary surveyor. They also eventually become mates, and Swiftwalk gave birth to Dale's second child, Twilight, on 13 June 2333.

Oceanwalker Process[edit | edit source]

Dale's transporter accident eventually led to the modern "Oceanwalker Process" for rapidly and completely changing a person's species using a transporter.

See also: Chakat Oceanwalker

Story Appearances[edit | edit source]

Chakat Goldendale aka Dale Perkins makes an appearance in or is directly referenced in the following stories:

Canon Stories[edit | edit source]

Forest Tales: Chapters 16-19, 28-30, 32, 35-36

Transformations: Chapters 1-4

The Flight of the Phoenix

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