Glenrowan class frigate

Predecessors of the Balmoral class, the Glenrowan-class frigate was the first Starfleet capital ship common design (previously, most member worlds of the Federation built their own ships, which created a support logistical nightmare).  It was also the first class of ship to use the (then) advanced Hamilton Industries lightweight warp engines, a product of the joint Chakonan and Voxxan supra-luminal research laboratories, which gave the Glenrowan class ships an edge in performance over their predecessors.  Unfortunately, it was found that the original warp engines had a correspondingly shorter service life, which necessitated the early overhaul and eventual retirement of these versatile ships.  The quality of the hull design did however allow the conversion of several Glenrowan class frigates to science vessels (the Bayern class) to address Starfleet's requirements between the retirement of the Leonovs and the commissioning of the Verne class exploration vessels.

Starship statistics
Operational service dates: ? – 2320s – 2330s – ?
Complement: 200 Length: 355.06 meters Mass: 71,852 tonnes
Propulsion: 2 Hamilton Industries SYD1N main warp engines
6 Rolls-Royce/Turmanskii RT7 fusion impulse engines
Max. Speed: Warp 7.3 Max. Cruise Range: 1.5
Aux. craft:
Vessels of type
* under construction  ◊ proposed or planned  † destroyed or lost  ∴ scrapped  ⇒ converted