Gate (Gatenanupshalu)

Vital Information


Gate (birth name Gatenanupshalu)


Folftaur (foxtaur/wolftaur hybrid)




152.4 cm

Birth date

25 February 2311

Physical Description




Black with gray and white markings

Distinguishing Features

Gate was born with two tails and is unusually tall and has a less muscular build than one would expect. His pelt is a mix of lupine and vulpine typical marking patterns; dorsal fur black, ventral fur is gray. His tail-tips, ear-tips, and 'socks' are white.

Gate and starpelt

a painting of Gate and his mate, Starpelt


Telekenetic Rank

K-4.5 (manifesting mainly in electrokenetic control)

Teleportation Rank

P-3.2 (this ability is known to only Gate and his adopted family. He currently has very limited control of this ability.)

Folftaur Gate is in the employ of the StarCorps in the Security division. He has served in several posts including starships, orbital stations, and escorts for planetary exploration missions. He is currently stationed aboard the Arclight on its current assignment as a patrol ship in the Sol system. He is mated to a chakat named Starpelt.

Gate's childhood wasn't filled with fond memories. His birth pack was a xenophobic and highly superstitious group of wolftaurs who had taken up the territory formerly called Yellowstone National Park. Compounding the fact that his father, the pack Alpha, had taken a foxtaur as a mate and his mother, Gate's birth was further marred by the genetic anomaly which caused him to be born with a fully bifurcated tail. To his pack he was an ill omen and was almost killed at birth. Only his parents' alpha status, and his overall health showed that he was worth keeping around. His kithood was far from pleasant, however, as he was viewed as sub-Omega in rank, and treated accordingly by his pack and ultimately hunted down as a scapegoat after a series of severe storms ravaged their forest. How he escaped is unknown to most, as Gate keeps it a secret to himself and his adopted family, with whom he now resides with when on leave from the StarCorps.

While his ability to teleport is a well guarded secret, he is known openly as a telekinetic of considerable skill. His particular forte is electrokinesis, and he has honed his ability to the point that he can short out low to mid-level force fields and create electromagnetic fields of his own. These abilities however are extremely taxing on his endurance and concentration. They have, however, served him well in his posts in the Corps. These abilities, combined with his quick wit have led to his swift rise through the ranks.

Also of note is Gate's tenure at Anchorage University, where he was a Chakker player. in their University League team. While at Anchor-U (a.k.a. “the Golden College”), he quickly excelled as a point-player, using his quickness and agility to push across the field quickly. He scored over 40% of the Tundra Runners' total goals his Junior and Senior years of attendance.

Career Information


Star Corps


Lieutenant, 2nd Class, Security Division


S.C.S. Arclight, currently on patrol in Sol system. Previously assigned to the S.C.S. New York