Vital statistics
Species: Foxtaur
Gender: Male
Height: 175 cm (5'8")
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Born: 19 April, 2303
Died: n/a
Parents: Jaleth
Siblings: Malena, Miktar, Neesha
Mates: Goldfur, Malena, Thayla, Lorene
Children: Goldfur: Eudora, Tailstalker

Malena: Jallor, Mallek, Rikkal
Thayla: Hespa
Kassi: Kazengar
Various Obligation children

Career Info
Organization: Star Corps, Mountain Glade Clan
Rank: n/a
Post: Mechanical Engineer
Status: n/a

Garrek is a foxtaur, lifemate of Goldfur, and is a main character featured in a number of the Chakat Universe's stories.

In addition to appearing in the main Forest Tales series, as well as several of the Tales of the Foxtaur Clans, he has become the sole focus of a story arc beginning in TotFC 5: Obligation, and continuing to FT 31: Whatever the Cost.

Unlike most foxtaurs, Garrek's interests are primarily of a technological slant, meaning that he is one of the few foxtaurs that ever leaves his clan's territory. On his second deep space mission, he meets, and falls in love with, the chakat who would become his first lifemate, Goldfur. They have had a couple of children over the years (Eudora and Tailstalker).

Garrek is the main focus of a story arc that begins in TotFC 5, with Garrek taking part in the traditional Obligation of foxtaur males, which requires him to present himself for breeding purposes once every five years from the age of 18. During the week-long event, his sister, Malena demands an the obligation from him. Although they make no attempt to conceive a child, Malena convinces him to take her on as a denmate.

Over several following stories, Malena becomes increasing insistent that they have children, to the point that she tricks Garrek into doing so, with disastrous results (including triplets: Jallor, Mallek, and Rikkal). Eventually, with Lorene's help, he is able to mostly recover from the aftermath of Malena's entrapment.

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