Foxtaur Hunter. Art by Kacey Miyagami.

Foxtaurs are one of the several centauroid, or 'taur' species of genetically engineered species in the chakat universe. As their name suggests, Foxtaurs are based on foxes. While not separate species, many of the foxtaur breeds and variations are based on the different fox species, such as the red fox, or the fennec fox. All foxtaur species can successfully interbreed.

Male foxtaurs are known as Tods, whereas females are known as Vixens.

Foxtaurs are typically found throughout the Stellar Federation, but only in small numbers. Foxtaurs rarely leave their home territory, due to suffering from a debilitating sickness known as Territorial Attachment Syndrome. This tends to affect a far higher percentage of females than males, so there are about the same number of each sex found outside their birthplace.

Most of the Foxtaur territories are located in and around former national parks in Greater North America and other places on the continent. In popular history, the Foxtaurs were created to maintain and nurture these forests; however, in actuality the foxtaurs, like the wolftaurs, were created as War Beasts.


Foxtaurs typically organize themselves into groups called clans. These clans have differing numbers of members, depending on the breed and typical climate they live in. For example, Fennec foxtaurs and Arctic foxtaurs have smaller groups, which lead a nomadic, or semi-nomadic lifestyle.

Because the birth ratio of foxtaurs leans in favour of females, the division of labour is fairly strictly divided between vixens and tods, with the more numerous vixens taking up more 'dangerous' work, such as hunting, whereas tods are expected to take up safer occupations like woodcarving.

This unequal ratio of sexes, has given rise to the so-called Obligation and all tods are required to undertake on their 18th birthday, and every 5 years after. It has, incidentally, made homosexuality somewhat unusually accepted. Between vixens, lesbianism is fairly common and acceptable, whereas the opposite is not true.

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