Harvest Ceremony in a Foxtaur clan

As a species, Foxtaurs traditionally organize themselves into clans. Depending on the breed of foxtaur, the size of the clan and it's over all structure can vary greatly.

Most foxtaur clans are located in the wilds of Greater North America, or elsewhere on the North American continent.

List of foxtaur clansEdit

Mountain GladeEdit

One of the main clans in the Forest Tales, the Mountain Glade clan is the birth place of Garrek, Malena, and others.

The Foxtaurs of this clan are of the Red Fox breed, and is located in the former state of California.

Crystal CreekEdit

This clan is the setting for the Life's Dream mini-series of the Tales of the Foxtaur Clans. It is home to a breed of red foxtaurs, who are generally shorter then the average foxtaurs of other clans.