The F.S.S. Mactan is a Balmoral class frigate, withdrawn from active service as of December 2333 due to severe battle damage.

Battle of Task Force SceptreEdit

F.S.S. Mactan was part of Task Force Sceptre in September–October 2333, before the task force was ambushed by the Stariionae, resulting in the disasterous Battle of Task Force Sceptre.

During the battle, she was crippled and suffered extremely heavy casualties.  The damage prevented her from ever achieving FTL travel on her own.

After the battle, her entire surviving crew transferred to the F.S.S. Lijang for the trip back to Chakona.  She was abandoned as a derelict.

Her fate after that is unknown.  Presumably, she will be recovered and towed to Chakona Gateway Station, and possibly repaired and returned to service.  The damage may be too severe, in which case she may just be scrapped... or left in space and used as target practice.