The F.S.S. Lijang is a Changi class heavy cruiser, withdrawn from active service as of December 2333 due to severe battle damage.

Battle of Task Force SceptreEdit

F.S.S. Lijang was part of Task Force Sceptre in September–October 2333, before the task force was ambushed by the Stariionae, resulting in the disasterous Battle of Task Force Sceptre.

During the battle, she was crippled and suffered heavy casualties (about a hundred fatalities, or an eighth of her crew).

After the battle, she became a lifeboat for the survivors from the F.S.S. Mactan and the F.S.S. Isaac Asimov.  It took her two months to limp to Chakona Gateway Station.

Her fate after that is unknown.  Presumably, she will be repaired and returned to service.