The F.S.S. Legacy is a Legacy class advanced cruiser and the first of her class.  She is an advanced prototype.

Construction was started in late 2338, five years after the Stariionae attacks.  She was launched for her trial runs in early 2341... and was inadvertently thrown into the greatest Voyage of Discovery of the 24th century.


Senior Staff positions are marked as bold.

Name Species
Rank Position(s) Department
(uniform color)
Henry Carter Human
4 pipsCaptain Commanding Officer redCommand Bridge
... 3 pipsCommander Executive Officer
(First Officer)
redCommand Bridge
... 2.5 pipsLt. Commander Chief of Security
(Second Officer)
greySecurity Bridge
Nashira Stellar Foxtaur: Starwalker
(full herm)
2.5 pipsLt. Commander Ship Operations
(Third Officer)
redOperations Bridge
... 2 pipsLieutenant Tactical Officer greyWeapons Bridge
... 2 pipsLieutenant Chief Science Officer bluePhysical sciences Bridge
... 1.5 pipsLt., Junior Grade Communications Officer purpleCommunications Bridge
... 1 pipsEnsign Sensors Officer purpleCommunications Bridge
Dawnstar Stellar Foxtaur: Starwalker
(full herm)
1 pipsEnsign Helmsman blueAstrogation Bridge
... 2 pipsLieutenant Flight Operations Controller redOperations Bridge (when needed)
... 0.9 pipsMaster Sgt. Ground Operations Controller redOperations Bridge (when needed)
... 2 pipsLieutenant Intelligence Officer purpleIntelligence Bridge (when needed)
... 2.5 pipsLt. Commander Chief Engineer goldEngineering Main Engineering
Nicole Scott Human
2 pipsLieutenant Engineer goldEngineering Main Engineering
... 1 pipsEnsign Damage Control Officer goldEngineering Bridge (when needed)
... 3 pipsCommander Chief Medical Officer greenMedical Sickbay
Tiffany Wilde Human
0 pipsCrewman Nurse greenMedical Sickbay
Jamarl Redpaw Skunktaur
(asynchronous herm)
2 pipsLieutenant Ship's Counselor tanShip's services Counselor's office
... 0 pipsCrewman Barber tanShip's services Barber's shop




  • Ensign Surya Beck (human, female) — cryptanalyst
  • Crewman Ho Tang Long (human, male) — communications analyst

Astrometrics labEdit

Cetecean labsEdit

  • Ariel (marine Stellar Foxtaur)
  • Kambizi (marine Stellar Foxtaur)
  • Maelstrom (marine Stellar Foxtaur)
  • Nabia (marine Stellar Foxtaur)
  • Neptune (marine Stellar Foxtaur)
  • Sedna (marine Stellar Foxtaur)
  • Sirene (marine Stellar Foxtaur)
  • Tide (marine Stellar Foxtaur)
  • Trident (marine Stellar Foxtaur)
  • Triton (marine Stellar Foxtaur)

Biology labsEdit




Notable mention (not crewmembers)Edit