The F.S.S. Isaac Asimov was a Verne class science vessel.  She is the only vessel of her class to have been destroyed in battle.

She was destroyed by the Stariionae in October of 2333, with the loss of all her crew and all except 2 passengers.

Destruction Edit

Asimov was destroyed by the Stariionae during the disastrous Battle of Task Force Sceptre on 10 October 2333.  She managed to kill only one of her attackers.  The Stariionae systematically destroyed every lifeboat and stripped the vessel to her chassis, killing the entire crew.  Only 2 people escaped, and only because they abandoned ship moments before the battle began.


Captain Keith Walker
Commander Chakat Dawnfire
Lt. Commander K'ress
Lt. Kingsley, tactical officer
Chief Kannain, chief engineer
Dr. Ito Janek
Professor Fyodor Ivanov Moseivitch
all other crewpersons


Chakat Swiftsure