The F.S.S. Cumberland is a Balmoral class frigate.

She was attacked on 10 October 2333, and suffered heavy damage, but is notable as the only vessel to have escaped the battle intact.


Battle of Task Force SceptreEdit

F.S.S. Cumberland was part of Task Force Sceptre in September–October 2333, before the task force was ambushed by the Stariionae, resulting in the disasterous Battle of Task Force Sceptre.

Chief Engineer Howard Bell observed what had happened to Lijang, Biscay and Hawke in the task force, played a hunch, and quickly bypassed a number of safety measures to shunt the overload from a collapsing warp bubble back into the warp engines, instead of venting it to space.  The result was burning out half the ship's power grid, but the vessel escaped the battle intact.  She lost a few people, but lived to fight another day.

Unfortunately, the bypass effectively locked the ship into a runaway warp jump, and fried her FTL communications.  The next time she fell out of warp, she was disabled and adrift.

Presumably, her crew was later rescued, and the vessel was towed to Chakona Gateway Station for repairs.