Non-canon Character:  This character is not recognized as part of the Chakat Universe.
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Vital statistics
Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Height: 5' 5"
Mass: {{{mass}}}
Born: 22 July 23** (date of merge)
Died: n/a
Parents: Vox's Parents: James and Katrina South
Fish's Parents: Unknown
Siblings: none
Mates: Midsnow and Mistdancer
Children: Frosteyes
Career Info
Organization: n/a
Rank: n/a
Post: Chakona
Status: Dewclaw University undergraduate

Later becomes a Starship Architect

Diamondstripe is the merged lovechild of a pink cat morph named Fish and a shapeshifter in the form of a foxtaur named Voxian.


1319315965.tiga-cat were wolf ss sketch color

Diamondstripe, the merged lovechild of Vox and Fish

Vox accidentally absorbed Fish during an intimate night. They became two minds in one body. Since they got stuck together, they had to make a new body that would suit them better. Their memories of the Chakat species shaped their taur body. They are not a Chakat, but they are very similar to one.


Diamondstripe is a hermaphrodite Feli/foxtaur, with hand paws and prehensile fox tail. Shi is tealish blue, with dark, almost black diamond-shaped stripes, which was the source of their name, with a white under belly. Hir left paw and forepaw are without foxgloves. A diamond shaped patch can also be seen on hir chest and left arm. Diamondstripe's eyes are heterochromia where the left eye is light blue, and the right changes with hir mood. Hir pelt changes color as well, as a side of effect from mixing human and shapeshifter genes from Vox's parents.

Mood Color ChartEdit

  • Normal: Emerald Green eye and Medium Teal fur
  • Happy or Aroused: Golden eye and Light Teal fur
  • Sad or Scared: Deep blue-gray eye and Dingy Gray-teal fur
  • Angry: Bright Crimson eye and Dark Black-blue fur

Present DayEdit

Diamondstripe is currently in hir senior year in college, aiming in a degree in Architecture. They lived on Terra in Greater North America in the province of Michigan. During their junior year in college, after the summer of them being merged, Diamondstripe decided to study abroad to Chakona at Dewclaw University. On their arrival they were greeted by a kind chakat, Shir Midsnow, who took them under hir wing and showed them how to cope with their new form and sexuality, which resulted in an accidental pregnancy.

File:Birth of Frosteyes SHADED resized.jpg
Diamondstripe lifemated with Midsnow, who sired their first cub, Frosteyes, the first chakat/shapeshifter hybrid.

Years down the line, Diamondstripe graduated from Dewclaw University and started hir career as Associate Architect for a small space shuttle whose main base was on Terra.

To be continued.

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