Canon Character:  This character is an officially endorsed part of the Chakat Universe.
Vital statistics
Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Height:  ?
Mass: {{{mass}}}
Born:  ?
Died: n/a
Parents: Rouge (mother)
Stealthpaw (sire)
Siblings:  ?
Mates: Longstripe
Children: Goldfur, Forestwalker, Quickpaw, Leafchaser
Career Info
Organization: Stellar Federation
Rank: Civilian
Post:  ?
Status: n/a

Desertsand is a chakat with rich red fur reminiscent of Australia's deserts. Hir belly, tailtip, ears, face and throat have a lighter reddish-yellow colour, while hir mane is brown.

Desertsand is Lifemated to Longstripe, and is Forestwalker & Quickpaw's mother and Goldfur's sire.

Desertsand is actively engaged in chakat clan business and is in line to take the position of head of the clan in the future. A more traditional-minded chakat, shi had been getting anxious that neither Goldfur nor Forestwalker had yet given hir grandchildren. When Goldfur finally announced hir mating to Garrek and pregnancy, shi was relieved and overjoyed at the prospect.

Story AppearancesEdit

Chakat Desertsand makes an appearance in or is directly referenced in the following stories:

Canon StoriesEdit

Forest Tales: Chapters 6-8, 13, 15-18, 27, 30, 34, 36

The Admiral and the Chakat: Chapters 2, 3, 6

Tales of the Foxtaur Clans: Chapter 3

Transformations: Chapters 1-3

More Terrible Than Chains: Chapter 8

Quickpaw the College Years: Chapters 1, 2

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