Flag chakona Goldfur

The planetary flag of Chakona. Credit: Goldfur

Chakona is the adopted homeworld of the chakat species; the label is sometime used to refer to the system containing the planet as well as the planet itself.

System DataEdit

Primary: Aquila RA 19h49m7s D 8°46'; spectral class G3; re-designated Chakastra ("Chakats' Star")

The system consists of:

  • Aquila 19D8A-01, Pelagica; terrestrial type S
  • Aquila 19D8A-02, Haribon'; terrestrial type S
  • Aquila 19D8A-03, Bateleur; terrestrial type F; four satellite bodies, captured asteroids
  • Aquila 19D8A-04, Chakona; terrestrial type L; two satellite bodies, designated Ka'turna and Cha'turna
  • Asteroidal belt, Dinormis Belt; minor planetisimals, largest 200km diameter
  • Aquila 19D8A-05, Harpagornis; Jovian type gas giant; 27 satellite bodies, dust rings
  • Asteroidal belt, Apteryx Belt; minor planetisimals, largest 75km diameter
  • Aquila 19D8A-06, Peregrinus; sub-Jovian type gas giant
  • Aquila 19D8A-07, Milvus; sub-Jovian type gas giant
  • Aquila 19D8A-08; terrestrial type S
  • Aquila 19D8A-09; terrestrial type S
  • Aquila 19D8A-10; terrestrial type S (retrograde)


Chakona space 004 pic

Chakona and Chakona Gateway Station as seen during orbital approach. Credit: Rhiannon (GingerM on FurAffinity)

Planetary DataEdit

  • Axial tilt: 18°
  • Orbital radius: 1.2 AU
  • Surface acceleration: 98.3% 1 standard gravity (9.63 m/sec2)
  • Equatorial diameter: 10,982.739 km
  • Equatorial circumference: 34,503.293 km (86.1% of Earth)
  • Surface area: 378,940,680.55 sq. km
  • Total land area: 79,577,542.916 sq. km
  • Total habitable land area: 52,095,040.392 sq. km (remainder under northern ice cap)
  • Total water surface area: 299,363,137.634

Major landmassesEdit

Land MassArea in km2Area as % of planet surface area
Flinders Continent6,357,684.6301.68%
Nova Belarus3,289,144.1870.87%
Skunktaur Archipelago
(25 islands, not including Nova Belarus)
All remaining islands2,724,917.9260.72%


Continental features and population centresEdit

  • Stuart Island - next largest island in the Skunktaur Archipelago
  • Resolute - arctic research station on northern icecap


Named minor landmassesEdit


  1. Lonely Stellar Guide to Chakona
  2. Essay - Basic Chakona Planetary Data
  3. Map of Chakona


Aquila starchart with Chakona added

IAU official starchart of Aquila constellation, with Chakastra's coordinates marked in blue. No such star exists in the real world.

  • Scanning the actual coordinates indicated (Aquila 19h 49m 07s, Declination +8° 46' 0") reveals no star at all, and the IAU's stellar database shows only empty space at this location.  The star is purely fictitious.
  • If Chakastra were real, it would be appear slightly to the right and south of Altair.  A G3-class star within practical range of our solar system should be visible to the naked eye, and clearly distinguishable in any telescope on a clear night.
  • In astronomy, Aquila is a constellation, not a star.  There are no real stars called "Aquila", nor is there any G3-class star in the entire constellation.  A list of stars in the constellation can be found here.
  • Bernard Doove has a copy of an official-looking document from the "International Star Registry".  Unfortunately, not only did he buy an imaginary star, but the company in question has zero authority to alter star names (that is the sole control of the IAU), and they effectively sell fraudulent documents.  One hopes he did not pay very much for what is effectively a meaningless piece of paper.
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