When born, chakats are given names by their parents; however, it is not unusual for a child to out-grow hir given name, especially in cases where the name is particularly immature or embarrassing.

Choosing an adult name is a particularly important part of a chakat's young life, and it is considered to be the first truly adult decision they make.


The chakat naming ceremony was originally started by the first generation of chakats. Many of the chakats received unintentionaly goofy names by Charles and Katherine, which, as many of them grew, became inconvenient. In their teens, the chakats asked to be allowed to change their names. They were allowed to do so although it was never explained to them that this was an unusual practice.

Later, when the first generation chakats began to have children of their own, they sat down and devised rules and a ceremony for the name changing, as part of their culture.

The CeremonyEdit

Between Clans, the over all ceremony can be quiet different, but generally follows the form of the child, hir parents, and one of the clan's Longtails.

A generally standard form of the ceremony involves the family getting up before dawn, and gathering for the ceremony. The Longtail gives a speech about the importance of names.

The child is than asked by their sire to recite their current name, followed by the mother asking what hir new name is to be, followed by the father asking hir for the name origin, followed by the mother asking why shi feels the need to change hir name (unless the name isn't changed.)

The ceremony finally closes with the Longtail saying something similar to "a new day dawns on a new chakat", at which point the sun should be rising. After the ceremony concludes, the family celebrates in whatever fashion the child prefers.

Examples of chakats who changed their namesEdit


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