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\'ka-nen\ (n.) – a sanctioned or accepted group or body of related works

The Chakat Universe is a shared collective work, created by Bernard Doove, and expanded with the help of many other contributing authors and artists.

What is considered "canon" in this collection is defined by Mr. Doove, and anything written by him about the series may automatically be considered canon.

With few exceptions, "canon" is restricted to the Forest Tales and related stories, including:

The concept of "canon" may or may not extend into the additional stories by other authors, listed on the Forest Tales and other stories index page.  Until Mr. Doove provides clear confirmation that endorses or denies a story as canon, it should be assumed to be "fanon" at the most (see below).

It is generally safe to assume that all fan-created stories not hosted on the Chakat's Den website are automatically non-canon, unless Mr. Doove says otherwise.

Clear violations of Mr. Doove's restrictions on the Chakat Universe setting (such as stories with magic, alternate universes, or violating the established timeline) are automatically assumed to be non-canon.

In debates where canonical fact is uncertain, Mr. Doove shall have the final word.

"Fanon"[edit | edit source]

The definition of Chakat Universe "canon" may differ between fans — therefore, for a reference source like the Dewclaw University Wiki, the question may become complicated.

In those cases, the term fanon is used to refer to "fan canon".  It applies to certain "facts" that may have been accepted as a truth by a large number of fans, and thus either replaces an established canonical fact in the minds of those fans, or fills a plot-hole.

If the universe's creator, Mr. Doove, declares a fanon work to be acceptable, it generally ascends to "canon" status.

Conversely, he may directly declare it "non-canon", in which case it shall be considered void from the universe.  This sometimes results in a story or setting that is split, with an opening part that is canon, and a sequel that is non-canon (as is the case between Lost! and its sequel, The Gambit Solution).

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