Clan Calluna was founded by one of the second generation of two hearted chakats.

A story, unverified as of yet, of the clans origins reports that shi trying to decide upon a name for the clan during a time when the chakats were starting to forge out into wider family groups. Had a dream of hir and hir mate’s eyes (one hir blue, one hir mates rare purple) they combined together into a single eye of shades of blue and purple, then a single tear fell from the eye forming into a seed before it hit the ground. The seed sprouted and began to grow, first one plant, then another and another, spreading outward covering a rolling hilly landscape going out as far as the eye could see. All one type of plant, but in places a new color of flower would appear and spread outward, different but part of the same line. When shi awoke the dream stuck with hir and shi described it to hir mate, at first they had much trouble finding out what the plant may be and began to despair finding out if it was real. Until one day when they were surveying historical sites for salvage and reconstruction, they set their transport down in a deserted field for a relaxing lunch and other activities. When they awoke, and realized they were lying in a field of that plant, it was common Scottish heather. Research revealed its common name to be Calluna Vulgaris, and Calluna had another scientific definition : A genius with only one species; Shi realized this represented the chakats and hir growing family, they are all united together as one, regardless of the differences in pattern, personality, or clan divisions they are all one united people.

Though this is one of the oldest Chakat clans it has waxed and waned in size and importance over time. The current leader of Clan Calluna is Anderkol of house Bluepaw, a skunktaur that mated into the clan.