• Shir Tigerstripe

    Dusting off VoD

    January 4, 2014 by Shir Tigerstripe

    I just wanted to mention that my interest in the VoD story has returned for a while, and I've been putting as much time as I can into refining the first alien race the ship encounters on their voyage home: the Et'hula (yes, their name is officially spelled like that now).  I rewrote and detailed my outline for their First Contact situation with the F.S.S. Legacy, and have been working on building a unique and very alien language for their species... since I need that for all the bilingual-bonus scenes that will be scattered throughout the rest of the story.

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  • Shir Tigerstripe

    Still at it

    December 2, 2012 by Shir Tigerstripe

    My new job has severely cut the time I can spend working on the Voyage of Discovery project, but I wanted to assure everyone following it that I am still interested in it.

    Last night, I worked on detailing another alien race: the Arsyrn (pronounced "arr-seer-in").  They're bipeds, but not humanoid: they're theropods (like the famous predatory dinosaurs), and are one of the smallest sentient races the Federation has ever encountered (merely hip-high next to humans).  They also happen to look excessively cute, by human and Terran-morph standards, which leads to some story complications (some of them like this, some dislike it, and others take advantage of it for personal gain).  They will also be universally Talented (similar to how all chakats a…

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  • Shir Tigerstripe

    Voyage of Discovery

    September 14, 2012 by Shir Tigerstripe

    Updated: 18:53, September 14, 2012 (UTC)

    The story is going fairly well.

    Okay, I haven't really started writing it yet... but I have been drafting up the sequence of events for the first few chapters, and I'm nearly done with that step — full writing should begin pretty soon.  *yay!*

    I've been spending most of the past few weeks fleshing out important characters, and creating details for the various unique new alien races I'm creating.  My info/reference sheet for the Ethula reads like a wiki article, and is currently 7 pages long (at 10-point Verdana font)... so I'll talk a little bit about them, and try not to leak any spoilers...

    The Ethula (that's the singular and plural name for their race, as well as their demonym: you'd refer to them as "the…

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  • Chakat Snowblind

    My story 'Becoming Snowblind' will be needing a cover illustration among others. Please leave a note or shout for me on my FA page if you wish to see what illustrations I still need.


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