Canon Character:  This character is an officially endorsed part of the Chakat Universe.
Chakat blacktail c150
Vital statistics
Species: Chakat
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Height: 165cm
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Born: 16 August 2302
Died: n/a
Parents: Bigpaw
Tamas Nighthunter
Siblings: Spotchaser & Nightengale
Mates: Gildedtongue, Midsnow, & Keklily
Children: Coalspot, Coldeyes, Grill, & Colorpot
Career Info
Organization: Stellar Federation
Rank: Master Janitor (retired)
Post: Double-H Club, Melbourne (retired)

Co-owner/operator of The Cat's Eye Pub, on Chakona

Status: self-employed

Blacktail is the child of Chakat Bigpaw (a nurse) and the foxtaur Tamas Nighthunter (a blacksmith).

Shi has two older siblings: Spotchaser (a helmsman in Starfleet) and Nightingale (a professional Schlagermusician).

Shi is a weak E3, a T1, and a K1.

Born in Germany, shi learned from hir father how to work hard, and over the years shi picked up different accents which led hir to learn different languages. Shi was always teased for hir hair, which were different strands of black, red, and white, thus earning hir the cruel nickname "Nazi-hair" by the foxtaur cubs in the community. Because of this, shi began to dye hir hair into shades of green.

Hir learning of different languages lead to a stipend for Star Corps in Australia. After finding a exchange family where shi could live for hir student term, shi moved to Australia. Sadly, this family used hir as an cheap work-slave until shi run away, leaving hir with no way of paying hir way back to Germany.

After a short time on the streets, shi found in a newspaper ad for a job at the Double-H Club. Shi got the job through begging and showing that shi can do all and everything a janitor is required to know. After a short while shi got the job as the Master Janitor in the club and never regretted leaving hir stipend behind.

Shi remains fluent or conversational in several different languages, including Terranglo and German, as well as Caitan, Voxxan and Rakshan low tongue.

Family portrait lores watermark

At the Double-H Club shi meet Gildedtongue who shi took as a mate and had 3 cubs with: twins shi sired (Coalspot and Coldeyes) and one as the mother (Grill).



Later, shi meet up with Midsnow, who shi also took as a mate and fathered a child with hir (Colorpot).

The Cat's Eye PubEdit

When shi was 48 years old, shi moved to Chakona, leaving earth and the Double-H Club behind, and opened The Cat's Eye Pub with Midsnow.

Grill and hir mate Midsun (daughter of Midsnow and Keklily) gave hir a granddaughter, named Tribalmoon.

Canon appearanceEdit

Blacktail briefly appears as a guest character in Forest Tales 34: Musical Climax, working at hir janitor position (described as the "Chief of Maintenance") at the Double-H Club, when Leanna and Forestwalker visit, on 27 February 2332.