Chakat Blackspots
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Vital statistics
Species: Chakat
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Height: 5' 4" (1.626 meters)
Mass: 450 pounds (204.12kg)
Born: Sept 21, 2304
Died: (currently alive)
Parents: Yellowrose (mother)
Silverstone (sire)
Siblings: N/A
Mates: Nightstalker (lifemate)
Children: Whitesocks, Quickstreak, Blacknight, Aztec and Streetprowler
Career Info
Organization: Star Fleet
Rank: Commander
Post: FSS Longfall
Status: Navigation Officer


Chakat Blackspots v2

Blackspot's Ref sheet

Blackspots's coloring resembles that of a snow leopard, however shi also has auburn hair with white highlights at the ends and the hair reaches down midway hir upper torso, and shi is fairly busty at a 36H.

The tip of hir tail is white, she has one black paw on her left rear, her left forepaw is white, and shi has a white underbelly. Hir eyes are a sapphire blue color.  Hir empath ability is at E3, and is working to improve on the talent (equivalent E3.5).  Shi is also a weak telepathic, at a T1.

Shi tends to prefer her male side, but will happily partake in her female side as well when needed.  Shi is highly curious and affectionate, and loves to make new friends. Loves learning about space and its intricate details, yearning to go explore star nurseries and learn more about how they are formed.


Being a curious person, shi loved learning about space and its intricate  details, yearning to explore space and star nurseries and learn more about how they are formed as a cub, as a result, hir parents encouraged hir in this aspect by buying a telescope and then encouraging  hir to take classes related to the subject.

20131202 - CatNamedFish - Blackspots Studies Hard

Blackspots studying for finals at the Academy

So on August 5, 2324, Shi joined Star Fleet to go to the academy and was later assigned to Astrometrics (Astrogation?) where she got to the thing shi loved as a child. While in Star Fleet, shi got excellent grades, and graduated on April 3, 2328. Blackspots is currently assigned to the science vessel Luxeon studying the Horsehead Nebula. Shi is of the rank Lt Commander, and 2nd in command of Astrometrics as of Aug 12, 2339.

As of Jan 1, 2350, shi recieved hir transfer orders to the FSS Longfall, and shi officially embarked on the Longfall on Feb 7, 2350. Shi is the main navigation officer for the Longfall.


Hir hometown on Chakona is Tallawang, Galilei Continent.
Chakat Blackspots Star Fleet full by WolfKidd

Chakat Blackpots investigating with tricorder

Some of hir human friends have given hir the nickname "Susan" (author's note: This apparently refers to the Doctor's daughter on the very first episode of Dr Who).

Shi lives up at the base of the mountain range there just at the edge of Tallawang with hir home on approx 4 hectares of land (10 acres) and has a small farm and fuel processing facility producing a small amount of ethanol and biodiesel for some of the road train truckers driving back and forth from Port Kepler and Tallawang.


Hir sire is Silverstone and hir mother is Yellowrose

Blackspots' lifemate is Nightstalker, and they have been lifemates since April 2331. Shi currently has three children with Nighstalker, which are Whitesocks, Quickstreak, and Blacknight, and two children with Gildedtongue, which are Aztec and Streetprowler

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