The P.S.S. (Private Service Starship) Black Dragon Is a hunter-trader vessel. What this means, is that the 'Dragon is a passenger catering freighter, but while

The rough idea for the Black Dragon, it will be changed.

between stops, they actively hunt pirates. Obviously, the hunt is suspended when there are passengers aboard for safety reasons, but the 'Dragon won't leave any pirates in a condition to pose a threat to passengers though if shi can't avoid a fight.

This ship was one of eight(8) Carryall class ships built, but the only to survive until it's StarFleet decommission date, where it was mothballed in a starship graveyard. 'Fleet made the decision to sell off the relic that was then known as the F.S.S. Ammo Box six(6) years after retiring it, Which is when Axel Slade bought it in 2328

The Black Dragon has the 2330's equivalent to a true super computer, allowing hir Captain to have temporarily lived as software in it due to the result of a battle to stop a prison break. Modifications made by Axel Slade to the computer's operating system during his time as a program lead
Shir Urok Slade

Headshot of the Black Dragon's ship avatar, Urok.

the the computer becoming self-aware, and thus truly intelligent. The computer chooses Urok Slade (Oorock) as hir name.

The reason Black Dragon is referred to as a hermaphrodite, is that the avatar that Urok uses to walk the decks of the ship is a synthetic facsimile of a Drak individual made of submicroscopic mechanical cells, a hermaphrodite race of reptilians that closely resemble a biped Dragon morph, and are the source of all Dragon myths and legends of Terra.


Axel Slade and Chakat Snowblind are the same person, It just depends what part of the timeline you look at, Axel 'becomes Snowblind' in the slowly progressing story "Becoming Snowblind".