Task Force Sceptre was sent out to try and make contact with the Stariionae, either for peaceful negotiations, or to kill them if necessary.

On 10 October 2333, after some time observing the seven starships in the group and devising ways to defeat them, the Stariionae suddenly and mercilessly attacked the task force.

Sequence of events Edit

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F.S.S. Lijang was attacked first, as four Stariionae exited hyperspace inside her warp bubble, destabilizing it.  She dropped out of warp, spewing plasma from her three warp engines.  One engine was completely destroyed as the Stariionae fired at her plasma conduits.  Over a hundred of Lijang's crew were killed by debris, radiation, and venting plasma.  The Stariionae escaped just as Lijang's weapons came online.

F.S.S. Biscay was the second to be attacked, moments later.  The stress of emergency warp shutdown overloaded her systems, and she lost antimatter containment.  The Biscay, with her entire crew and one of the attacking Stariionae (Hesai), were vaporized instantly.

F.S.S. Hawke was attacked an instant later, suffering crippling damage.  She survived the shutdown, barely, but was destroyed with all hands by Kronn, who was mortally wounded by a plasma flare from the resulting explosion.

The huge science vessel F.S.S. Isaac Asimov was targeted next.  Captain Keith Walker had barely enough time to order the remaining two ships to flee, before his ship was knocked out of warp as well.  The Asimov survived falling out of warp with heavy damage.

F.S.S. Cumberland was the luckiest in the fleet.  When she was attacked next, Chief Engineer Howard Bell quickly deduced what the Stariionae were doing, and reconfigured his ship's power grid to absorb the overload and shunt power back into the warp engines, essentially pre-igniting the system.  It worked — she fell out of warp, then jumped right back into warp with heavy internal damage, shredding two attackers (Shenna & Kagan) in the process.  Cumberland raced back to Chakona like a runaway train, now unable to continue if she stopped, and without sensors or communications.

The F.S.S. Mactan then suffered the same fate as the Lijang.

The Stariionae then converged on the Asimov, searching for the source of Star Dancer's voice.  They stripped the vessel of its defenses, then its hull, tearing her to her keel.  The found Roso's body, but not what they were looking for.  Furious, they shot or crushed every single lifeboat, killing the entire crew.

Losses Edit

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The Stariionae suffered numerous minor injuries, but only five deaths: Hesai, Kronn, Shenna, Kagan, and one unidentified individual killed by the Asimov's weapons.

The Stellar Federation's losses were far more extreme, making this battle one of the deadliest space battles in Federation history.  Two starships were blown to dust, and another was left as a stripped skeleton.  Most of the dead are impossible to recover, as there's simply nothing left.

  • F.S.S. Cumberland lost the least people, as it was able to escape the battle intact, but badly damaged.
  • F.S.S. Mactan survived, but suffered the loss of about a third of her crew.  She had to be abandoned when her engines could not be repaired.  It is assumed the stranded wreck will be salvaged at some point.
  • F.S.S. Hawke and F.S.S. Biscay were both blown to dust by catastrophic warp core breaches and antimatter containment failures.  All hands lost, from both vessels.
  • F.S.S. Isaac Asimov was torn apart, and most of her crew was exposed to vacuum.  Those who made it to the lifeboats were vaporized by Stariionae beams, or crushed into unrecognizable paste by their manipulator claws.  The only survivors were Chakat Swiftsure and the empath Chase, who fled in an escape pod moments before the ship was attacked.
  • F.S.S. Lijang suffered about a hundred fatalities, and was forced to take on the remainder of the Mactan's crew.  It took her nearly two months to limp back to Chakona Gateway Station.


It fell on the Cumberland to bring news of the battle to the Federation.  She finally succumbed to her wounds and fell out of warp 3 light-years from her destination, Chakona.  She fired message torpedoes to give Chakona as much warning as possible.  Word of the crushing defeat finally reached Chakona on 3 November 2333... only a day before the Stariionae also arrived in that system, sparking the Battle of Chakona.