Balmoral class frigate
Balmoral sketch

The Balmoral class frigate is the workhorse of today's Starfleet.  Designed primarily for a policing role in Federation star systems and shipping lanes, Balmoral class ships have a long and enviable service record as well as a reputation for toughness in battle.  These ships replaced the aging Glenrowan class vessels and are still in production.

Starship statistics
Operational service dates: ? – 2330s – ?
Complement: 375 Length: 406.98 meters Mass: 98,121 tonnes
Propulsion: 2 Hamilton Industries SYD2K main warp engines
8 Rolls-Royce/Turmanskii RT12 fusion impulse engines
Max. Speed: Warp 7.6 Max. Cruise Range: 1.7
Aux. craft: 2 Geelong class
Vessels of type
* under construction  ◊ proposed or planned  † destroyed or lost  ∴ scrapped  ⇒ converted