Sandwalker amazonia

The flag of Amazonia. Credit: Sandwalker

Amazonia is a lost colony planet at the edge of the Federation, recently rediscovered.

It is the adopted homeworld of the Wemec (a war-beast variety created during the height of the Gene Wars, then marooned here afterward).

The jungles of this planet contain powerful anti-aging pharmaceutical compounds.

Amazonia conflictEdit

As of the 2330s, several powerful pharmaceutical corporations were attempting to exploit the planet's abundant jungles for medicinal compounds, to the anger of the native Wemec.

Through political maneuvering, the corporations forced Star Fleet to get involved... in what became an ongoing unofficial but violent protracted ground war that nobody but the drug companies want.

As the Federation considers it a major embarrassment, their entanglement in the war — and the war's very existence — is kept hidden from public knowledge.  Few Federation citizens are even aware of the planet's existence.